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COVID-19 Has Taught Us What Intelligence Really Is (Opinion)

Psst, here's a hint: forget about standardized tests, writes Robert J. Sternberg.

By Robert J. Sternberg August 31, 2020

COVID-19 has taught us something important about intelligence. It’s not just that we can get by without IQ-test proxies like the SAT and ACT that go by a number of different names to avoid being called IQ tests. (Research by Douglas K. Detterman, professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University, and others shows that these tests are essentially disguised tests of general intelligence.) It’s not that such tests administered online at home will almost certainly be invalid. Rather, it’s that the tests never measured what’s important in the first place, and we should have known better. Actually, we did know better.

Read the entire article on Inside Higher Ed here.

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