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About Us

Steele Street College Consulting offers assistance with course planning throughout high school, transcript review, personality profile and evaluation, college list building, ACT & SAT test planning , college visit & college interview preparation, financial aid, and more. Initial consultations are always free!

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Steele Street College Consulting (SSCC) is to educate students and families about the college admission process while making the process as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. It concludes with the positive outcome of finding the “right fit” college, community college or trade school for each client.


The principal factor at SSCC is to truly understand the student’s individual and family educational goals. A successful college admissions experience is a team effort between the student, parent, school and independent educational consultant (IEC) and it is essential for the student to be engaged and “own” the entire process.

Studying on the Grass

"I never would have gotten into college if it weren't for Shondra. Period. She was also extremely helpful in helping me integrate into campus life, specifically the Greek System. This led to an unforgettable college experience."

University of Colorado, Boulder Alumna

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